Progress So Far 

Filmed Interviews:

David Tuller–New York Times, UC Berkeley

Ian Lipkin, MD–Columbia University

Jose Montoya, MD–Stanford University

Anthony Komaroff, MD–Harvard University

Mike Van Elzakker (PhD Candidate)–Tufts University

Leonard Jason, PhD–DePaul University

Lori Chapo-Kroger, RN–Pandora Org

Derek Enlander, MD–Mt. Sinai Hospital

Hillary Johnson–Former Correspondent for Vanity Fair, Life, Wall Street Journal, etc. and Author of Osler’s Web: Inside the Labyrinth of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Roger King–Former Economist for U.N. Agencies and Author of Love and Fatigue in America

Linda Tannenbaum—Open Medicine Foundation

Andreas Kogelnik, MD-PhD—Open Medicine Institute

David Kaufman, MD—Open Medicine Institute

Ron Davis, PhD—Director, Stanford Genome Technology Research Center and OMI-MERIT Collaborator

Ashley Davis—Director, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Center at Stanford University

Staci Stevens, MS—Director, Workwell Foundation

Chris Snell, PhD—Professor of Exercise Science, University of the Pacific

Mark Van Ness, PhD—Associate Professor of Exercise Science, University of the Pacific

Dan Peterson, MD—Sierra Internal Medicine and Simmaron Research

Janet Smith, MD—Simmaron Research Board Member

Chitra Bhakta, MD—Orange County Integrative Medical Center

Jane Xenos, D.O.—Independent Physician

Judy Mikovits, PhD–Microbiologist

Charles Lapp, MD–Physician

Nancy Klimas, MD–Physician

Gordon Broderick, PhD–Computer scientist

Lubov Nathanson, PhD–Research scientist, Genomics

William Pridgen, MD–Surgeon

Carol Duffy, PhD–Microbiologist


Patients and Caregivers:

Jamsion Hill—Former Bodybuilder with ME/CFS

Toni Bernhard—Author, How To Be Sick

Patients of the San Francisco Bay Area Support Group (8 interviews)—We filmed the group meeting as well as private patient interviews

Patients of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (11 interviews)

Patient Applying for Disability

Patient riding electrically-powered chair down stairs in her home

Los Angeles

Severe 24-year-old Female Patient

Patient’s Mother

Patient’s Father