Forgotten Plague
Total Funds Raised:

Gifts can be made tax-deductible per U.S. tax law. Contact for more details.

Through Kickstarter, PayPal, and developing relationships, we’ve gathered about $120,000 from nearly 300 private individuals. However, even under the rosiest scenarios, the production will need at least $7,000 in further funding. The bulk of this money is required for final edits to increase the mass appeal of the film.

We value sound financial stewardship and are working to make this an extremely efficient production. Documentaries can often balloon to ten times more than we are budgeting; indeed, a comparable documentary on a similar disease had an annual cost of $250,000. We function as a non-profit organization and we keep our costs low through gift-in-kind contributions and pro bono/volunteer services in graphic design, music composition, public relations, maintaining the website, sound engineering, accounting, legal fees, and grant writing. We have a full-time staff of two people with a volunteer staff that is much larger. By keeping our costs as low as possible, we aim to make Forgotten Plague a bargain for the donor population that will benefit from it over the next decade.

We began with “Producer” being the highest donor level; however, we are introducing two higher levels, “Senior Producer” and “Executive Producer.”

Donations to the film production can be made via simple, secure PayPal transaction by clicking here.

Executive Producer ($10,000):

Ryan Prior
Mona Eliassen-Taliaferro

Senior Producers ($2,500+):

Linda Tannenbaum

Producers ($1,000):

Rich Carson
Jeannette Burmeister
Pandora Org/Lori Chapo-Kroger
Maryanne Mosher
Ceil Rothbart
Teme Ring
Tirso Castillo
Julie Furey
Catherine Berger
Susan Kreutzer

Special Thanks ($200+):
Gary and Patti Linsley, Linda Reeves, Robert Miller, Donna Pearson, Tom and Christine Jarrett, David B. Fairman, Judith Singer, Nicki Fisher, Margot Louthen, Jason Prior, Kimberly S. White, Tina Liondos, Amy Mandel, Kathryn Stephens, Darcie McNally, Nancy Stewart, Helen Watkinson, Parish Vaidya, MD, Giridhar Subramanian, Janienne Hackett, Daniel Burns, Dancer Burns, Jenny Fingles, Janice Reilly, Gorman Reilly