When we set out to make this film, some people were surprised at our budget figures. But what we never said last June was that we weren’t just making a bet on the future of medicine, we were making a bet on the future of filmmaking as well.

We’ve raised $120,000. But we’ll turn a finished product we feel is comparable to a production three to five times more expensive.

How do we do it?

–We use DSLR cameras, which have revolutionized documentary filmmaking in the past few years. On screen tests, they compete extremely well with cameras that literally cost 20 times more. It’s amazing.

–We use Adobe Creative Cloud, which gives us access to the full suite of Hollywood-grade production tools in special effects, graphic design, and film editing. We’re getting world-class software for the jaw-dropping price of $50 a month.

–We’ll use Distribber for distribution, which will get us encoded and in the door at world-class sites like iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon for just $2,000.

–Filmmaking is increasingly moving away from Hollywood. We picked up and moved to Atlanta, the “Hollywood of the South.” It gives us access to lighting, sound, and camera personnel from productions like The Hunger Games, X-Men First Class, and The Walking Dead. And because we’re a non-profit, we can negotiate prices at three times less than the normal rate. We get the best people for the lowest cost.

–We function as a non-profit organization, which slashes our costs in legal fees, public relations, taxes, accounting, graphic design, sound editing, music composition, and maintaining the website. We’re a full marketing machine driven not by money but by people with a pure passion for neuro-immune awareness.

–By “employing” a squadron of volunteers for specific skilled jobs, we’re building our organization and distribution infrastructure. The more people who buy in to our mission by providing their labor through love, the bigger our team and our ultimate movement becomes.

–Our full-time staff both have no debt, no mortgages, no car payments, and no children. We keep salaries very low and devote the finances to filmmaking.

In the history of filmmaking, making a top-of-the-line professional film has never been this affordable. The barriers to entry have never been this low and we’re excited to use this crucial opening to tell the great under-reported medical story of the times.

Thank you so much for joining our movement.