A Poem About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (MECFS)

By: Elizabeth from Pittsburgh

It’s nights like tonight when I’m feeling so low,
That I sit & cry wondering where did my life go?
You would think I’d be over it after almost 15 years.
But everything, everyone I’ve lost is represented by each tear.
My tears fall for lost friends, my divorce because I got sick & special
times I have missed…
Each individual tear falls with purpose
but there are way to many reasons to list.
This illness is so cruel! Leaving me all alone.
People don’t make plans with me,
they eventually don’t even phone.
Not friends, not even family still try to understand,
When that is all that I am looking for…
Someone reaching out they’re hand.
So I will say a prayer for you & please say one for me.
& hopefully one day soon, The Blue Ribbon Project
will help to set us all free!!!.

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