The Silent Place: A Poem About ME Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The Silent Place

by: Sally from Brighton, UK

We talk about my pain,
The exhaustion that reaches all the way into my bones,
The days I can do little more than curl up in bed.

I speak about the loss, the fear, the frustration.
He nods knowing exactly what I mean.

Then he waits quietly for a minute and says,
“This silence: it’s where you live now.”

And it is.

That quiet place between crumbling and healing,
Never quite knowing which one you’re heading towards.

That place where no one can honestly say
“I promise it will get better”.
That place where the only honest answer is silence.

The thing is,
It gets lonely here.

So please,
Learn how to sit quietly with me in this silent place.

You don’t need to have an answer.
Just sit here with me.

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56 Comments on "The Silent Place: A Poem About ME Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"

  • Sharon Edwin says

    Wonderful, insightful poem. ‘This silent place’ is so often where I need to be, but it’s also so often a very hard place to find. I will show this poem to the people in my life, to help them to understand. Thank you, Sally from Brighton, for sharing it. S.